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Who will benefit most from this training?
         - Entrepreneurs and small-business owners who want to take charge of their results
         - Individuals who want to begin an Internet-based business or generate additional income
         - Consultants, Coaches & service professionals who want an affordable yet professional web presence
         - Those who aren't "tech savvy" and need to see a visual demonstration that they can follow
         - Anyone who wants to be able to edit or add to their own website with confidence instead of fear

What makes this Wordpress program unique?
         - Rather than a fast-moving live classroom, you can play, pause and replay the lesson as many times as you like
         - You will see everything demonstrated step-by-step first, then go back to your own site and apply what you've learned
         - You won't get lost in the process because everything is explained in a clear, concise manner that will make sense to you
         - This training is the only Wordpress course that teaches you how to build a website designed for making money online

What is included in the 6 week training?
         - Each week there is a new Module (1-6) that you'll access inside our Members area with a username & password you choose
         - The Modules include a High-Definition Video training of at least 90 minutes, plus a PDF of the power point slides for each lesson
         - Bonus materials and links to additional resources are included inside of the PDF files provided to members

Is there someone who'll give additional support as I go through the program?
         - YES! We revamped our offer to include a full 1 YEAR of support in our private Facebook Group: Get Paid To Change The World [$497 value]
         -  Each week you'll have direct access to your Coach and Trainer Joyanne Sloan who answers your questions during interactive "office hours"
         -  Inside the members-only Facebook Group, you'll find dozens more videos showing you how to grow your audience, make sales and more

How long will I have access to the training material?
         - Once you choose your username & password, you'll have immediate access to the members area
         - You will have access to the training FREE for 7 days after beginning your trial membership
         - If you continue to stay with the program after the trial period ends, you will have indefinite access once paid in full

What if I already have a website?
         - Great! Most of those taking this class already have some sort of website that they're not pleased with because it produces no leads, business or profits for them. Brand new or experienced, this class is perfect for you.
         - This training will benefit YOU whether or not you have a website. That's because I'll show you how to build a profit-centered website, not just another "online brochure" that looks nice but does nothing for you. If you're one of the millions of small business owners whose website is just another mouth to feed, then Wordpress Business Builder is a perfect fit for you!
         - Note: If your current website was constructed using, it would need to be changed over to in order for you to get the most out of this program. Just let us know if that's you and we'll provide some additional instruction.

What is specifically being taught in the course?
         - How to choose or change to a Wordpress theme that's designed for PROFITS
         - How to integrate your Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/etc.) accounts with your website
         - How to write powerful content that gets the results you've been waiting for
         - How to make the very best use of your website's homepage
         - How to add a custom menu that keeps your visitors on your site longer
         - How to promote affiliate products automatically on every page of your website
         - How to build your mailing list by adding a form that pops up anywhere on your site
         - How to protect your website against security threats & hackers
         - How to meet Facebook's requirements so you can get traffic to your site FAST
         - How to multiply your rate of success with free sources of website content
         - How to build your site strategically so every element directly benefits YOU
         - How to virally increase traffic to your website by leveraging Facebook, Pinterest & more
         - How to easily bundle your professional services and sell them from your website
         - How to start making money with your site the fast & simple way

What will I learn in Orientation?
         - The fundamentals of Managed Wordpress Hosting
         - How to choose a good company to host your website
         - How to point your domain name to your Wordpress host
         - How to quickly install the latest version of on your account

What will I learn in Module 1?
         - The fundamentals of building a business online?
         - What makes your website profitable instead of static
         - The benefits of reverse engineering your homepage
         - Why are themes so important to the success of your venture
         - Free vs. Paid Themes… the key differences & why they matter

What will I learn in Module 2?
          - Navigating the Wordpress Dashboard & Site Configuration
          - Post vs. Pages: when and why to use each 
         - Media: what does and doesn’t belong in your media library
         - How to customize the appearance of your website 
          - Plugins: core plugins every site should have 
          - How to configure your website so you can “set it and forget it”
         - Categories: how to use keywords that help optimize your site for search engines

What will I learn in Module 3?
         - How to Build Your Homepage for Optimal Results
         - The 5 Main Components of Your Homepage
         - Top 5 Pages Every Profitable Website Needs
         - Mastering the WordPress Visual Editor for beginners
         - Why you need to add images and why you don't need to pay for them 
         - How to build your e-mail subscriber list by adding an opt-in form to your website 

What will I learn in Module 4?
         - Turning Content into Cash: Joyanne's simple 4-step profit strategy
         - The #1 reason your website exists (get this wrong and you'll become a statistic)
         - Growing Your Audience: list building demonstration
         -  Focus On Profitable Outcomes: understanding the sales continuum
         - Adding security enhancements for peace of mind
         - Fueling Your Money-Making Vehicle: how to find and leverage 3rd-party content
         - Selling your own product or service bundles using PayPal

What will I learn in Module 5?
         - The fastest strategies for quickly monetizing your website
         - Earning passive income by joining forces with Google
         - Which size of AdSense placements generate the most revenue
         - The Top 6 places to add profit centers to your Wordpress site
         - How to fill your events and promote your offerings at the top of every page
         - How to earn commission by automatically promoting other people's products

What will I learn in Module 6?
         - How to easily create clickable buttons without hiring a graphic designer
         - How to link those buttons to any product, service or offering you want to sell
         - How to quickly make custom PayPal buttons without knowing any HTML code
         - How to sell your stuff directly via email and totally bypass sales page headaches
         - How to build your list faster and stop giving away all of your valuable content

Here's what past students have said about Wordpress Business Builder

“I watched live coaching sessions with Joyanne in Anik Singal's Profit Academy and knew that if she offered ANY separate training on WordPress that I would be part of it. And she did so I signed up immediately! I am extremely happy with what I learned in the course. I now know my way around WordPress and I'm not afraid of it any more.

I know that I can do what I need to, to get my site up, how & where to look for what I need, and even how to test out plugins and features to see if they will do what I want. Joyanne is a GREAT teacher.
She explains everything clearly from the perspective of an inexperienced student and is so very kind and gracious to everyone. She gives more than you expect &, provides all kinds of unexpected value. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know how WordPress works & what you can do with it! “

- Lynn H.

“Being a part of Profit Academy and going through the training provided from Joyanne on creating a Wordpress website was phenomenal and wished that she would provide more training as she makes every process of creating a really fantastic website easily understood. 

Well, my wishes came through and she created a course that dove into Wordpress that was even better, more in depth, and with a personal touch! If you ever have the opportunity, DO NOT pass it up! It's an investment in you and your business! Thank you Joyanne.”

- Tim F..

“Joyanne really knows her stuff. Her course was jam-packed with information I can put to use immediately on my Wordpress site. 

She demonstrates everything, and that's important for a slow learner like me.
Everything is recorded, too, so I went back and learned the stuff I didn't grasp the first time. 

You won't go wrong by hiring Joyanne to work on your site, or educate you to create your own.”

- Pat B.

“Joyanne's course is fantastic! Her experience in the field of website creation and design really showed. 

There was a lot of valuable information and resource links that I may have never found on my own.  
Joyanne made sure everyone's questions were answered and gave a lot of encouragement and mentoring throughout the course! 

Thank you, Joyanne! I wholehearted endorse your course!”

- Lisa N.

“Joyanne, you're GREAT! Your course has been wonderful, you have shared with us very valuable information that we can put to use immediately. 

Many thanks! I enjoyed every minute of the course and have tried to implement your teachings to improve my website. 

I am already missing your classes!!!"

-  Ana B.

"Training with Joyanne was a real joy! She is so knowledgeable and helped me right from the start when I didn't even remember how to get into my half done, stagnant website!
Because of her years and years of experience, she was able to give great advice on which themes and plug-ins worked the best in Wordpress, to design websites that really work for e-commerce.
Joyanne is an excellent teacher and my website looks so much better. I am so encouraged! Of all the coaches I have listened to, she has helped me the most along the path. I so appreciate the bonus materials and having everything recorded so I can replay her presentations as much as I need to.
I highly recommend her training!"

- Leslie H.

“Over the years I have had websites but none of them were real money makers. 

I didn't know how to get the big numbers of visitors so went out doing keynote speeches. 

That worked well but didn't have this kind of a website to make it truly profitable. You have given me that gift.

Being able to not have to be on the road traveling all of the time is worth its weight in gold. Great job and looking forward to working with you in the future.”

- Linda P.

“Let me begin by saying, that if not for Joyanne, I would not have an on-line business.

Joyanne has been a God send and I don’t say that lightly.  Her grasp of on-line marketing is second to none. 

I urge you to take advantage her training if your on-line business needs a boost. 

I had a website that was “broken” and I didn’t know how to fix it. Joyanne got me up and running in less than two weeks. I launched the site and I haven’t looked back or second guessed myself. 

Joyanne is a true treasure. I can’t say enough about her."

- Christine A.


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